Blender Group is developing and operating brands within the fashion industry. The company derives from Blender Agency, the leading Nordic contemporary fashion agency, and is  based in Oslo, Norway.

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Since 2003, Blender Agency has earned a strong foothold as a go to agency for Nordic boutiques, and international brands. While constantly travelling the world, to gain more insight about trends and benchmarking international retail operators, the company has build a wide network within the industry. Blender Agency has launched numerous brand in the Nordic market, and have followed a strategy for development of its business since 2006. The last five years have been highly successful, and has enabled the partners to tap into greater parts of the value chain.

Blender Group derives from the know-how obtained from more than fifteen years in the industry, and we aim to create the strongest community for developing fashion and lifestyle companies in Norway. Our partners combined experience is unique in a Norwegian perspective, which provides Blender Group’s projects with great conditions to develop into best-in-class companies.


Blender Agency

Blender Agency was founded in 2002, by Kyrre Alver and Magnus Thorud. The company early on took on a fearless approach to its industry, and challenged given truths within the Norwegian scene.

First and foremost, an highly international approach gave Blender Agency a competitive advantage, in addition to define its territory as the Nordic countries, not only their native market Norway. This fact enabled the company to build brands with a strong and selective distribution, and the early success with a brand like Juicy Couture, paved way for later agreements with Marc by Marc Jacobs, as their first and only sales agent worldwide.

From there, the company has developed a position as the number one Nordic sales agency, and from its 800sqm showroom at Skøyen, Oslo, it is employing an organization of 20 people.The current brand mix consist of 18 brands, mainly US contemporary fashion brands.

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Fall Winter Spring Summer is one of the starlets of Norway’s rising fashion scene

Fall Winter Spring Summer’s (FWSS) raison d’être is meeting the modern woman’s need for everyday, high-quality, tailored pieces that help build a timeless wardrobe; combining high-end qualities with accessible prices. The label’s DNA stems from a contemporary, no fuss Scandinavian aesthetic that equally balances femininity and masculinity.

Blender Group was, together with Frode Grøvold and Nina Granerød, founding partner of FWSS, and in 2016, Blender Group bought a majority stake in the company.

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Blender Retail

Blender Retail  is a retail operations company, set-up to provide our wholesale partners with an option to accelerate their brand position by establishing premium retail presence within the Nordic market.

In an industry where the value chain is constantly challenged, the strong attributes of the mono-brand stores are currently dominating the growth strategies of the major global luxury and high-end brands. Strong mono-brand concepts will enhance the performance of the wholesale business, and is ultimately closely tied to the service provided by Blender Agency. Blender Retail currently operates stores for Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and JUICE in Oslo, and will open stores for Rag & Bone and A.P.C. in 2017, based on the above strategy.

Diemme Footwear

Diemme Footwear, is an Italian high-end footwear brand, and production company. The company is based, with its manufacturing facilities, in the area of Montebelluna, in the Veneto region of northern Italy.

Founded by brothers Dennis and Maico Signor in 1992, the company has a rich tradition for producing high quality footwear, mainly concentrated around the hiking and mountaineering categories. In the start of 2010, Blender Agency, together with its Swedish distribution partner MNO International, started a co-operation with Calzaturificio Diemme, as a commercial partner for Scandinavia, and later as the global sales department and the developing of the collection Diemme Footwear. In 2015, Calzaturificio Diemme, together with MNO International and BA Group, formed the joint venture Diemme Fashion Group, where all groups joined their assets in the project to one integral corporation.

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Cala & Jade

Cala & Jade is a line of handbags and accessories, established out of Oslo, Norway, in 2007.

The brand is deeply rooted in a passion for high quality materials and components, inspired by Scandinavian design and architecture. All products are made in Europe, and fits nicely into the contemporary fashion segment. Founding partner, Tina C. Skaar, is the company’s managing director, and the collection is currently distributed among high-end Norwegian boutiques. For the Spring Summer 2016 sales campaign, Blender Agency will handle Nordic and world-wide sales.

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Kolour’s Jewelry

Established in 2015. Kolour’s Jewelry is a Scandinavian jewelry house, founded on an idea of fusing the quality and soliedness of a traditional jeweler, with a dynamic and agile approach extracted from the world of fashion.

Being the brainchild of Magnus Thorud and Ann Sindlev, Kolour’s Jewely is highly influenced by the founders’ combined experience and background from respectively fashion and the jewelry industry.

BA Group is one of three partners in the company, which is based outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Multibrand concept JUICE, is taking a fresh approach on the sportswear retail scene

JUICE opened its doors for the first time, in September 2016. After a project phase of more than 2 years, Blender Group, through Blender Retail, presented the vision for a modern sportswear concept, emphasizing a greater shopping experience though a curated brand mix and an inspiring retail environment. With an aim to bridge the gap between sport and fashion, JUICE is taking into account the shifting trends in the global market for sportswear.

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Glenn Veiby

Glenn Veiby has an extensive background in the Norwegian consumer goods industry, with experience from both fashion, technology and media.

He started his career in Ernst & Young as a consultant in strategy and M&A and later took on the CFO and CEO position in Voice ASA, the second largest fashion retailer in Norway. For the last five years he has served as both CFO and interim CEO for Amedia, one of the largest media companies in Scandinavia. Glenn has been on the board of TV2 and has been chairman and member of the board of the Norwegian-based fashion brand SWIMS.

Magnus Thorud

Magnus Thorud first venture came across while he was 18 years, in his native Sandefjord.

He startet fashion retail store The Gate, and travelled to the international fashion meteropolis to buy new brands not yet offered in Norway. His travels and buyings led to some minor distribution deals, and in 2002, he decided to start Blender Agency, along with Kyrre Alver. Since then, he has been vital in developing Blender Agency, and side ventures like MTHLVT.

Kyrre Alver

Kyrre Alver started his career within the fashion industry in his late teens, and in 1998, he got appointed store manager for DKNY Jeans, in Oslo. At the same time, the parent company operating the store, became the Scandinavian sales agency for DKNY Jeans, and eventually Kyrre Alver became head of sales for Scandinavia.

He met Magnus Thorud, at that point a customer of DKNY Jeans, and the two of them formed Blender Agency in 2002. Like Magnus Thorud, Kyrre Alver has since been dedicated to Blender Agency, where he still use most of his time.

Mats Alver

Mats Alver has an economic degree from Handelshøyskolen BI (Siv.øk.), and started his career in Blender Agency in 2005.

He started of as head of finance, and later became the managing director. He has developed the back-end of Blender Agency, and been crucial to build the platform for daily operations. Today, he is CEO in Blender Agency, in addition to being board member in MTHLVT and Concept Retail.